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As the Sun Sets

As the Sun sets

Sometimes I just want to take a picture that is different. Sometimes there is a reason and sometimes it is just because I feel like trying something different. This is the end result of my last “adventure into different”. I rather like it, and I found a cool sim in the process. Check out Annwn Willows, you will not be disappointed.

(Special thanks to Takarra for posing with me.)

What I am Wearing:

*VoguE Boudoir* Dracy Nightie ~ Black

Magika [01] Daffodil

[M] Ballerina Straps/BLACK//

EarthStones Bailey Bracelet – Lapis


What Takarra is Wearing:


LINGERIE: ~Blacklace~ Tender Caress: Pink

SKIN: -Glam Affair – Mokatana skin – America 03 H


You see I’ve forgotten

You see I've forgotten

This past weekend I visited the Funny Puppet Fair, as I wandered around I realized there was a hunt as well, and I can not resist a hunt. After finding numerous prizes I had to leave, and then promptly forgot to open anything and look at my Bounty. So that is what I am doing today, and sharing as well. As soon as I put this dress on from Lugoi Devotion I loved it. I feel like a cross between Raggedy Ann and Woodland Fairy (that may just be the hair though).

Most of what is in this picture is from the hunt at Funny Puppet Fair, and this is not all i found AND I did not even find everything. I definitely recommend visiting. (Plus the sim is just to cute.)

What I am Wearing:

TRUTH HAIR Fleur –  reds

[M] Ballerina Straps/BLACK//

.: FW :. Hop Bunny Hop (from Hunt)

::Moon Inc:: SunnyGlasses (from Hunt)

Around also from Hunt:

BananaN Bookshelf Tree

Dyer Maker My Cuddly Mr T

LavadaChic* Snail Hat

Laynieland Screen

Serenity Style TravelPuppetSuitcase


Pose – GLITTERATI – Backed Up – 6


Snuggle Time

Snuggle Buddies

Are these not the cutest little snuggle buddies ever? I fell in love at first screenshot. I think they are my new Second Life love…seriously, I think Moose just became my new favorite animal.

I also hit up Collabor88 before it ends this month….you know cause I have not spent enough L’s from my piggy bank this past month. I love hair that comes with accessories that fit it, so this adorable TRUTH HAIR was a must grab. And what better color for spring and summer than a nice bright yellow. The dresses from ::{u.f.o}:: were so cute and with so many options…I really could not help myself.

What I am wearing:

::{u.f.o}::blooming moment dress  – yellow cardigan (available at Collabor88)

fri. – Ella.Heels (Petal) (available at Collabor88)

TRUTH HAIR April –  reds (available at Collabor88)

*~*HopScotch*~* Glitter Flower Nails (for SLink hands)

With Me:

Alouette – Full Moosey Set (the sheer adorablness, will be available May 11th at the Puppet Fair)

floorplan barn bed pink (available at Collabor88)

.:Standby Inc. – Lovely Cubby (available at Collabor88)

(Pose included in bed)

Princess In Training

Princess in training

There is nothing like an unique item to get you all excited about an idea. Alouette’s “The Princess’s Tower” made me extremely excited to take a princess picture. The outside view of the caslte is contained in the “painting” on the large easel. To help out with ideas for a princess photo I hit the Fit for a Princess event, which has even more cool stuff. I was to excited about the tower to pick up to much, but i did manage to grab a few items before I had to rush home to test out my new tower.

What I am Wearing:

Peqe – Princess… Or is she?_Ariel (Available at Fit for a Princess)

//elephante poses// If I Can Dream Tiara *Glass Princess* (Available at Fit for a Princess)

TRUTH HAIR Maisy –  light blondes

[PF] Sora <Vanilla> – Sugoi

What Brynlie is Wearing:

[RI] Bonita Bebe Dress (Pink)
[RI] Bonita Bebe Tutu Skirt

jkb: Pink Bugs (Boot and Cardigan)

//elephante poses// If I Can Dream *Sea Princess* (Available at Fit for a Princess)

 [Atooly] Starry Fairy Princess Wand – Yellow (Available at Fit for a Princess)

tram A329 hair / shell


Alouette – The Princess’s Tower (Available at Fit for a Princess)

Positure – Sweet Pea (Available at Fit for a Princess)

Kuro – A mess of a chair

*MishMish* Nostalgia Jewelry Box


[what next] Decorative Easel Collection

Serenity Princess Bear

Pose- **Manifeste** – Model_10

We Are

We Are

The Arcade is here!! In case you were not aware. After spending most of my day attempting to get into the Arcade I decided that I may as well preen over my bounty as well. I was lucky and managed to get what I wanted most (without smashing my piggy bank). How did you fare?

I bribed my friends Havyen into posing with me by splitting my bounty of awesomeness with him.

What I am Wearing:


TRUTH HAIR Maiko [Red 2 / Graph]

~silentsparrow~ Circus Stripe Snugglewarmers

.Shi : Patch Mechanics 2.Black [UNISEX] RARE


.:L&B:. Death Royale  “Beaded” Halter

:{F.A.D.}: Bailey Flare Jeans Black

fri. – Jet.Heels (Moondust)

What Havyen is Wearing:


TRUTH HAIR Maiko [Black Fade Pink / Silver Skulls]

.Shi : Patch Mechanics 3.3 [UNISEX]


Razor /// Trekka Vest w/ Shirt

*X*plosion X*Bolt Mesh Pants (Black)

!!! Tribe !!! Rebel Biker Boots – (Pink Leopard) – DD

Arcade around us-

.Birdy. Puggly {Lion}

O.M.E.N – Dear John – Perfume Bottle

{anc} Bdream/. umbrella:pink

Noodles – Books to Wonderland

::{u.f.o.}::tea party with alice- macaron

::{u.f.o.}::tea party with alice- mini muffin

{vespertine – bookstacks}

{vespertine -key hanging mobile}

Things Best Shared

Things best shared

My favorite pictures are ones that are not planned, but rather just happen. The other night Vane and I sat down to watch a movie, and not a single tv would work for me. (Yes this is why you update your flash player etc :P) While Vane tried to figure out if it was the TV’s issue, I started playing with wind-lights and Voila, this was born.

Some things are Best Shared, be it a movie, popcorn, or the knowledge that you have not updated your flash player for over a year. ^.^

What I am wearing:

[[NS]] Women’s Leather Fetish Steampunk Pants (Raven)

CuCu! Boatneck Sweater “zOmbabY”!

Laced & Strapped Black Leather Heels

TRUTH HAIR Bryn –  light blondes

*katat0nik*  Floral Glasses

I Heart You

I heart U

I just Love cute poses, my first addictions are hair and shoes, but poses are pretty high on the list as well.

This adorable pose from [Con.] & !bang was part of the 50L Friday, and THAT is a steal.

I also managed to get an amazing deal on my outfit as a 55L marketplace promo, saving those Lindens all up for the Arcade.

To see what Vane is wearing check out my Takaroos Blog ^.^ Hawtie Hooville

What I am wearing:


TRUTH HAIR Bryn –  light blondes

**Cute Bytes** Heart SunnyGlassy DorkyGlassy – Pinkish


You Cast A Love Spell

You cast Your Love Spell


In my quest to save money (to spend at the arcade) I decided to do some freebie shopping and managed to make out pretty well with a few group gifts.

Purple moon has two gorgeous dresses out as group gifts and only a 50 L charge to join the group. (Considering I saw one over 600 L, I thought the 50 L was rather resonable)

I also grabbed the Briella {Love Spell} skin from Panda Punx. The Panda Punx group is free to join (my kinda group).

What I am wearing:

:: PM :: Aria Gown – Group Members Gift [MESH]

(Yummy) Satin Bow & Pearls Set – Black

TRUTH HAIR Bryn –  light blondes

.:Panda Punx:. Briella {Love Spell} Feb 2014 GG

My Lucky Penny and I

My Lucky penny and I

Sometimes you just need a little extra inspiration for a post. The other day I found that in a  child avatar pose, so I wrangled my little sister Starrz into a photo shoot and bribed her with lots of cookies to hold still.

Although I adore mesh and I find child avatars rather cute, mesh child avatars seem to have a long way to go. The idea behind them are awesome, mesh has done so much for second life,but it seems to be lagging in this area. I can not wait to see what new and exciting things come out and am hoping to be totally surprised by the sheer awesomeness.

What I am wearing:

Koko – Mesh – Flair jeans – Black

Tee*fy Skyla Ruffle Sleeve Tank  Lavender

_CandyDoll_ Oxygen Black

Magika [03] Curious

[BP] Gacha Machine Celtic Wulf Necklace

[MANDALA]OKAKI Bracelet set/Black

What Starrz is wearing:

>C.K. Toddlers< Girl Mesh Avatar

GWC CKMesh -Lace

>TRUTH< Juliette –  black & whites

A Girl and Her Shadow

A Girl and Her Shadow

Sometimes opportunities sneak up on you, and sometimes they smack you upside your head.

My sister and I were chatting while I played around with shadow settings (after I had previously conned her into testing a new pose for a picture). While messing with settings it became apparent what an interesting effect it was having. Since I am not completely insane I bribed her to stand still long enough for me to take a picture (again).

What my Awesome Sisserface Abbie is wearing. 🙂

Truth Sassy2 with roots

Etchaflesh Dead Inside Corset

Etchaflesh Haute Virgin Kat White and Black Boots

Grasp Leather Frill Skirt Black

BND Black and White Collar

Wicked Tattoos Rise Above Tattoo