Things Best Shared

Things best shared

My favorite pictures are ones that are not planned, but rather just happen. The other night Vane and I sat down to watch a movie, and not a single tv would work for me. (Yes this is why you update your flash player etc :P) While Vane tried to figure out if it was the TV’s issue, I started playing with wind-lights and Voila, this was born.

Some things are Best Shared, be it a movie, popcorn, or the knowledge that you have not updated your flash player for over a year. ^.^

What I am wearing:

[[NS]] Women’s Leather Fetish Steampunk Pants (Raven)

CuCu! Boatneck Sweater “zOmbabY”!

Laced & Strapped Black Leather Heels

TRUTH HAIR Bryn –  light blondes

*katat0nik*  Floral Glasses


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