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The Power of Titles



I find it amazing the difference a few words and some black and white filtering can do. When I started taking the pictures in today’s post I started with an idea that was a bit sad, but then it was so bright and cheerful at the sim I could not help but feel happy and cheerful. So I did two versions, yes this is the same indecision that results in my excessive inventory. The above photo is entitled “Let me be your Anchor” while the lower is “Who am I to hold you Down”. I love how pictures can tell stories and I really love how the story can change with just a few simple words.

Who am I


Beyond all my rambling, there is a photo contest currently involving the sim “It all starts with a smile”, check out this blog post for details.

What I am wearing:

Apple May Designs – Bloom – Slate & White

*BOOM* Olycena Bow Pumps (petal pink)

/Wasabi Pills/ Kelly

[Atooly] My Broken Heart Ring Pink

:{MV}: Muertos Rose Winter Necklace


What Havyen is Wearing:

AMERIE M – Mesh skinny 02(Greentea)  (Available at The Mens Dept.)

FLite.-Clearports Last Mistake (Available at The Mens Dept.)

ISON MAN – leather biker vest (white)  (Available at The Mens Dept.)

EarthStones His Keys Necklace – Secret Chamber



Wearing My Heart on My Hand

Wearing my Heart on my Hand

Shopping is really too much fun…it also gets me into trouble. But I really do need new accessories for my clothes, and then new clothes for the accessories, and maybe a new pair of shoes.

I poofed into a few events this week that I had never before attended and was once again amazed by all the sheer gorgeous things out there. In this post I am wearing two accessories from these events, both from [Atooly], the “Gumball Earrings” are available at the current Suicide Dollz event and the “My Broken Heart Ring” is available at the current Oneword event.

Anyone else afraid to find anymore events to check because of how easy it is to go on a shopping spree?

What I am Wearing:

.::DD::. Dead Dollz – Lullaby Mesh Mini Dress

[Atooly] Gumball Earrings – Pink (available at Suicide Dollz)

[Atooly] My Broken Heart Ring Black (available at Oneword )

/Wasabi Pills/ Sarah Mesh Hair – Blonds Pack

{kokoia} Irvine High shoes


Count Me In

Count me In

I had never before attended Skin Fair but decided that today would be my first visit. It was my lucky day actually, Eye Candi had a skin for 1L.(I may have done a happy dance) Since I like variety I also picked up the makeup options for the skin (Kat), packs of 20 shades of lipstick and eye shadow where 260L apiece. Even with the makeup packs I still managed to spend much less on this skin then most of my others. I also had to purchase SLink appliers (I buy no skin if I can not wear my SLink hands and feet), but the Slink appliers from Eye Candi include each shade of skin the shop makes, so I only need to buy it once no matter what shade I buy next. (definitely did a Happy dance).

I also got the new Magika hair, Shine. I just love the messy curls.

Here is a closer look at some of the skin possibilities.

Skin Options

What I am Wearing:

Eye Candi Makeup – Kat – Skin Fair Gift 2014

Magika [03] Shine

Happy Undead – Mini Skirt [vinyl black]

Mesh Head – Off The Shoulder Blouse

[L.Warwick] Ibis -Platform Heels- Noir



Ahoy Mateys!! Swimwear is probably my least favorite type of clothing in second life, it is just so hard to try to find something that has a style you like and fits your avatar how you like. Yesterday I was invited to crash a beach party and therefore had to scour marketplace for a beach look that I could love. I think I managed between the adorable Sailor Cap from BOOM and smexy Lace and Fishnet top from Alyce.I think these are my two newest favorite clothing items. I also think Aqua is my new color, as it really pops.

What I am Wearing:

Alyce – Lace and Fishnet Top

*BOOM* Minka Mini Ruffle (sugar)

*BOOM* Hampton Bikini Set SOLID (aqua)

*BOOM* Olycena Bow Pumps (petal pink)

/Wasabi Pills/ Selene Mesh Hair

[Mistwood] Female Necklace (available on Market place for 1L)

Hold On Tight

Holding tight

I found what are possibly my favorite shoes ever the other day, but because of misunderstanding the note card that came with them I only managed to wear them today. Just in time for my Collabor88 outfit.

Tee*fy always seems to have clothes I can not wait to try and what better to pair the best shoes ever and a cute outfit with that another Spring Babes animal from The Chapter Four.

What I am Wearing:

Tee*fy Marley Skirt White (from Collabor88)

Tee*fy Marlene Blouse Pink (from Collabor88)

/Wasabi Pills/ Selene Mesh Hair – Blonds Pack

*BOOM* Olycena Bow Pumps (petal pink)

Cae :: Nostalgia :: Necklace [bagged]

Boom shoes close

Bunny Daze

Bunny Days

It is not everyday you can find the perfect dress to wear with an adorable accessory. This dress from SUGAR worked out perfectly with the adorable Spring Babes Bunny available at The Chapter Four.

Want to thank my Awesome Sister-In-Law Eeukie for talking about where to find these adorable animals so that when I took her there I decided it was a MUST HAVE. And then she gave it to me. Thank Eeukie, you rock!

What I Am Wearing:


/Wasabi Pills/ Selene Mesh Hair – Blonds Pack

Birdy/Alchemy – Spring Babes – Bunny – Smoke

:{MV}:Conviction Heels Onyx

ISON – nova tribe necklace (silver)

In the Dark


Sometimes I think people get tired of seeing my mug all the time, so I pestered these two into letting me use a photo I took of them today.

I just love the fantasy vibe of this set up, it really matches the Elvish ears.

What Boo is Wearing: (right)

[Scarpunk] punk aid socks

Mesh Head punisher high top

R3volt Jaimy gloves [v1]

[[NS]] Vixen cocktail dress

CaTwA TNT Hair

What Tee is Wearing: (left)

[[NS]] Vixen cocktail dress

V-Twins Bootleggerz – Davidson Collection – Leather Biker Boots Black Skull

 /Wasabi Pills/ Giselle Mesh Hair

We Are

We Are

The Arcade is here!! In case you were not aware. After spending most of my day attempting to get into the Arcade I decided that I may as well preen over my bounty as well. I was lucky and managed to get what I wanted most (without smashing my piggy bank). How did you fare?

I bribed my friends Havyen into posing with me by splitting my bounty of awesomeness with him.

What I am Wearing:


TRUTH HAIR Maiko [Red 2 / Graph]

~silentsparrow~ Circus Stripe Snugglewarmers

.Shi : Patch Mechanics 2.Black [UNISEX] RARE


.:L&B:. Death Royale  “Beaded” Halter

:{F.A.D.}: Bailey Flare Jeans Black

fri. – Jet.Heels (Moondust)

What Havyen is Wearing:


TRUTH HAIR Maiko [Black Fade Pink / Silver Skulls]

.Shi : Patch Mechanics 3.3 [UNISEX]


Razor /// Trekka Vest w/ Shirt

*X*plosion X*Bolt Mesh Pants (Black)

!!! Tribe !!! Rebel Biker Boots – (Pink Leopard) – DD

Arcade around us-

.Birdy. Puggly {Lion}

O.M.E.N – Dear John – Perfume Bottle

{anc} Bdream/. umbrella:pink

Noodles – Books to Wonderland

::{u.f.o.}::tea party with alice- macaron

::{u.f.o.}::tea party with alice- mini muffin

{vespertine – bookstacks}

{vespertine -key hanging mobile}

Things Best Shared

Things best shared

My favorite pictures are ones that are not planned, but rather just happen. The other night Vane and I sat down to watch a movie, and not a single tv would work for me. (Yes this is why you update your flash player etc :P) While Vane tried to figure out if it was the TV’s issue, I started playing with wind-lights and Voila, this was born.

Some things are Best Shared, be it a movie, popcorn, or the knowledge that you have not updated your flash player for over a year. ^.^

What I am wearing:

[[NS]] Women’s Leather Fetish Steampunk Pants (Raven)

CuCu! Boatneck Sweater “zOmbabY”!

Laced & Strapped Black Leather Heels

TRUTH HAIR Bryn –  light blondes

*katat0nik*  Floral Glasses