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Black And Blue Over You


Black and Blue for you1


I am not sure why, but purple water just speaks to me. Could simply be a result of purple being one of my favorite colors.

I treated myself to the new Magika hair and another pair of Candy Doll shoes yesterday. So of course I needed to include them in  today’s photo. I love magika hair. I am not sure if it is because of the unique color ideas or if it is because I always feel like I am getting an actual new hair rather than another slightly changed version of one I already have.

And of course my love of these candy doll shoes is no secret. 😀


Zebra shoes


What I am Wearing:

(CM) Matilda Dress (blue)

_CandyDoll_ Oxygen II Zebra

Magika [03] Curious

:Fusion: Cord Necklace & Bracelet Set

And Todays Pose another Nia original 🙂


Farewell Summer

Farewell Summer

Farewell summer, my old friend. Parting is such sweet sorrow.

Personally I am a fall and spring gal, but I do enjoy my warm sunny days. It is always a hard transition from sunshine and heat to the dark cold days of winter. So Takarra and I bid a final farewell to a beautiful summer.

What I am Wearing:

!Soul ~ Nanny  Mesh Swimwear Outfit Zebra Pink

_CandyDoll_ Oxygen II Skull

To see what Takarra is wearing, hop on over to her awesome blog. 😀 Hawtie Hooville

Jason Was An Owl


My Takaroo and I decided in “honor” of Friday the thirteenth we needed a “scary” picture. My Awesome Sisserface Abbie was kind enough not only to set up a spook fest area for us, but to play the “scary person”. And of course she had the perfect avatar for the job, Jason Owl.

owl city 2And where do Jason Owls live? In creepy Trees of course.

This is of course just a small sample of the spookiness that will be headed to my sisters sim soon, she loves Halloween and has a haunted house planned very soon.

What I am Wearing:

:{F.A.D.}: Artemia Gothic Strapped Top Kabul

[Etchaflesh] Death Becomes Her Skinny Jeans

{MV} Conviction Heels Onyx

::Exile:: This Years Love: Shadow

 [MANDALA]OKAKI Bracelet set/Black

Pose~Yours truly 🙂

For what Takarra is wearing head on over to her awesome Blog!

When Leaves Die


I love Autumn, something about the crisp air and colorful leaves. Although it is not officially fall I felt a bit fallish and decided a nice colorful autumn sim was just what I needed.

Skull Shoes

On another note yet another pair of adorable candy doll shoes. I am seriously going to be broke with all the awesome options.

What I am Wearing~

.::[NerdMonkey] – [Ruffled Skirt floral wine]::.

e! Grace Turtleneck (Blush)

[MANDALA]Onigiri necklace/Silver

_CandyDoll_ Oxygen II Skull

If first you crash, Log, Log again

My Gacha Bounty

It took almost a week but I finally made it into the Arcade, where I then spent all my money. It was a blast though and I thought I was pretty lucky for my first time. I managed to get what I wanted although the main object I went for (Tee*fy Fluffy Sheep Hat) took awhile to get. I am set for nightdresses in all shades now. Of course I also became acquainted with yard sales, both to find things I was not willing to play a machine for and to sell my unwanted items. Anyone wants a Nightdress or a Rare snow white apple let me know. 😀

In the above picture I am wearing

from the arcade-

Tee*fy Fluffy Sheep Hat

Tee*fy Aurora  Nightdress  Little Hearts

[LWL] La vie en Rose Aviators (Pink)

MG – Necklace – Jazz Hands Frog – Pink

Color.Me.H.O.F Mesh [Rider Boots[Steel]

[monso] My Speech Bubble – I’m Famous

.click. Pillow Fight! 5 1

Non Arcade

[monso] My Hair – Daisy/ Pop

Slink Mesh Hands and Feet

[PF] Harley <Peach>

The large quantity of stuff behind me all came from the Arcade as well…

gacha bounty 2

Up close and personal we have my own personal little library. These Items are all from O.M.E.N. Once I saw the awesome packaging they came in I knew I would have to do a picture with them. Of course in the front is “Beauty and the Beast”, one of my favorites.

gacha bounty 3

And last but not least…complete adorableness. The radio necklace from kata0nitk begs to be hung around with your purses and trinkets when not in use. Of course the Blueberry unicorn bag from [Milk Motion] tries to steal the show, but I think Ms. Rose Bunny beats them all out.

When the day is done, I am extremely happy with my bounty from the arcade…cannot believe I had never been before. 😀

Here is  a landmark and shopping guide, go forth and win. 😀

A Girl and Her Shadow

A Girl and Her Shadow

Sometimes opportunities sneak up on you, and sometimes they smack you upside your head.

My sister and I were chatting while I played around with shadow settings (after I had previously conned her into testing a new pose for a picture). While messing with settings it became apparent what an interesting effect it was having. Since I am not completely insane I bribed her to stand still long enough for me to take a picture (again).

What my Awesome Sisserface Abbie is wearing. 🙂

Truth Sassy2 with roots

Etchaflesh Dead Inside Corset

Etchaflesh Haute Virgin Kat White and Black Boots

Grasp Leather Frill Skirt Black

BND Black and White Collar

Wicked Tattoos Rise Above Tattoo